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Friday, December 15, 2006

Close to home...

Here is an article from here in Minneapolis. I think the there is a major disconnect between city council and the mentality of the young. I figure that there are some Puritans that must be 170 years old on city council. Terms like "spray can art" and "phonograph disc-jockeying" and "lyrical rap emceeing" really show there is a true problem.
The youth are the enemy, they are just destructive and easily swayed to jump on a negitive band wagon. I am complaining about this; not a mural. And there is art to be found in
"decorating" pubilc property. If I was a minority youth I would have a bone to pick with the system too. But I think the city needs to focus more on protecting private property from taggers more than it needs to condem legitimate art on a comunity center. Check some of this out, my garage would look a
lot better with this on it.


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