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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring and Summer Safety Strategies

Spring and Summer Safety Strategies
On March 30th, Councilmember Glidden hosted a stakeholder meeting between various law enforcement agencies and neighborhood representatives to outline measures being taken to address crime and safety concerns. A series of community meetings are being scheduled to engage the broader community in these discussions. The first meeting is:
Summer Safety Strategies:
April 25th, Powderhorn Park Community Center 3400 15th Ave South, 7-9 pm

Graffiti News: New Solutions and Reports Now Taken by 311.

Graffiti News: New Solutions and Reports Now Taken by 311
Starting this summer, the Solid Waste and Recycling department will offer a new solution for graffiti removal – it will remove graffiti from sensitive surfaces (such as stucco, brick, and metal) and graffiti more than eight feet above ground. The City already offers free paint-over solutions for non-sensitive surfaces. After graffiti is reported (call 311 to report!) the City will notify the property owner that graffiti must be removed from his or her property. If a property owner does not respond in 10 days, the City will remove the graffiti and assess the property owner for the service. The City will also apply, for cost at residents’ request, a protective coating to sensitive surfaces which makes graffiti removal much easier and cheaper. The City Council approved funding for this program of $350,000 at its most recent Council meeting.