37th and Nicollet

Friday, December 15, 2006

Close to home...

Here is an article from here in Minneapolis. I think the there is a major disconnect between city council and the mentality of the young. I figure that there are some Puritans that must be 170 years old on city council. Terms like "spray can art" and "phonograph disc-jockeying" and "lyrical rap emceeing" really show there is a true problem.
The youth are the enemy, they are just destructive and easily swayed to jump on a negitive band wagon. I am complaining about this; not a mural. And there is art to be found in
"decorating" pubilc property. If I was a minority youth I would have a bone to pick with the system too. But I think the city needs to focus more on protecting private property from taggers more than it needs to condem legitimate art on a comunity center. Check some of this out, my garage would look a
lot better with this on it.

Gang Info

This link had some interesting Gang information and the their relationships to prison life.


You gotta clean up someone else's mess

Everything I read about Graffiti says you gotta cover it up right away, thats the only way to beat it. Here are some clean ups...

Locos 3 another gang in MPLS

Yeah, more graffiti.

It all comes from Prison

Prison, seems to be the point of culture growth for our young people. Boy is that a white guy thing to say. But Thug life is all about emulating life in prison. Like wearing your pants down low, a little sag has crept into everyday fashion, especially with urban youth. The etymology of that fad is that you don't get to wear a belt in prison. Most in serving time loose weight, so you get used to your pants falling down. SUR 13 proclaims its connection to the Mexican Mafia (basically a prison organization).
Its like when Tom Sawyer talks about how great white washing the fence is, his goal to convince eveyone else that its fun. This way he is not alone in his misery. Just like a couple of oldheads cooped up in a cell, the build a culture to make their life bearable, then they sell it to all who are buying. Make the outside like the inside and the inside gets a wee bit better. And with this you get the copycatters, who promote the thug life as something cool, but its just an act. Something to rebel with.
If "The Wild One" was made today; Brando would be a member of SUR IIIX, and it would be a mini van with a wing, not a motorcycle.

SUR 13 is plaguing my alley. SureƱos in MPLS

SUR 13 is terrible at graffiti, but they are thorough. Almost everygarage in my neighbor hood has been hit.
The origins of all this go to Southern California, but I imagine the need for gangs hits a little closer to home. You can't colonize in an area without some kind of support structure and gangs are support for the young. I just wish they were a little more original and had less of a copycat tendencie.

December is a good month for bad graffiti...

These are some pics I took last week of the recent Graffiti out break.

Its been a while....

Well things seemed to have calmed down all summer, then as soon as the cold weather hit; back to the vandalism. This is what's left of my grill. Someone came along and smashed the top off. The damage is more extensive than it looks too. I think they tryed to take the whole grill becasue the base is broken also. The gas line that connects it to the house is almost broken, but the everything will need to be replaced.
The only reason I can figure is that the lid might have been cast aluminum. With the high price for aluminum right now, someone could of taken it to recycle. As the price rises you will have to keep an eye on your screen doors and siding.